Impact in Multiple World Regions

Multiple evaluations have shown the impact of the Cure Violence model in reducing shootings, violent confrontations, and killings in multiple cities across the United States, with reductions up to 70%.


New York City (2017)

The John Jay evaluation conducted several analyses of the programs in New York, some which looked across many of the Cure Violence sites, and some which focused on two of them (Man Up! Inc. in East New York, Brooklyn; and Save Our Streets South Bronx).


Chicago (2009)

A National Institute of Justice funded evaluation led by Northwestern University showed statistically significant results across all seven communities:

  • Reductions in shootings of 41% to 73%
  • 100% reductions in retaliation homicides in 5 of 8 communities
  • Statistically significant results in all communities examined
  • “Overall, the impact of the [Cure Violence] Program is significant and moderate-to-large in size.”
  • “In every program area there was a substantial decline in the median density of shootings following the introduction of [Cure Violence].”

Baltimore (2012)

A Center for Disease Control funded evaluation conducted by Johns Hopkins University showed statistically significant results across all four communities:

  • Significant reductions in shootings or homicides in all four communities – between 34% and 56%
  • Communities with triple the amount of mediations had better results
  • Norms on violence were changed – people in program site were much less likely to accept the use of a gun to settle a dispute; 4 times more likely to show little or no support for gun use
  • Norm change occurred even with non-clients
  • Reductions spread to surrounding communities